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We were moved from our civilian PCM to a military facility and assigned to a doctor that did not have any appointments available for 2 months. Finally, my husband and I got an appointment only to find out that would be our one and only appointment because he was leaving.

They had no other doctor to assign us for last a month. I receive an email and they have randomly assigned us to another PCM who doesn't have any appointments available. I never thought that after my husband serving 24 years in the military that we would be treated worse that someone on public assistance with no insurance. I don' know where they are going to shuffle us to next - but it is very evident that our health insurance company is not at all concerned about our health.

Worse feeling ever- being at their mercy.

My husband is depressed and very angry!!! Worse insuranceprimerica ever

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Just to be clear, care at the Military Base is not Tricare. If you have issues with being seen at the Military Treatment

Facility, you need to contact the Patient Advocacy office at the military hospital or clinic.

As for care that you receive off base with a civilian provider, that is Tricare. If you are a retiree on prime plan, your cost for an office visit is $12. If you are getting a bill for more than that, then the dr's office is trying to get you for more money, not Tricare.

Tricare never bills you for medical care. It is the dr's office or medical facility you are going to that issues the bills.


Right there with you. We have been at a been at a base in FL for over a year.

Never any appts with Primary care drs. available unless you want to wait a month or 2, even if you call with a sick child first thing in the morning when their phones go on. Solution to everything is sending everyone to the ER. My husband has been in for 25 years, have never seen anything like it.

Try to address concerns with people in charge they say "you do have health care, you can go to the ER anytime you want and if you don't go well that is your problem." Seriously??? Who is in charge of the mess Tricare has become? Military families just want basic health care for their families and the availability to book appts within a reasonable time period. Sorry don't think a month or 2 months out to wait for an appt.

is good health care. Does it take people dying to get someones attention that the Tricare system is broken???

Chattanooga, Tennessee, United States #995903

As a miltary retiree living outside of a military base tri care is expensive it cost over a hundred dollars for an office visit. when you can find a doctor who will take tricare.

why does health care cost so much in america 3 times more than other countries, why? the care is not better . we were promised health care for our service and it has been taken away by congress.

yet their health care is outstanding. its time to start complaining

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