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I have never had such a hard time finding a in network provider for my sick child. Things were a lot better when it was under health net services.

Nobody takes my insurance around here anymore. Now I have to drive an hour away to get my child taken care of. Why did they change it? It was perfectly fine and customer service was better as well.

It's just absolutely horrible now!

Please change it back! Even my pharmacist has to jump through hoops just to run insurance and get it approved!

Product or Service Mentioned: Tricare Health Insurance.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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I agree! I've been in the Tricare network for 45 years.

I'm sending off a complaint letter today because I haven't been able to get something processed correctly. It's been almost a year!


I agree. Same issue. Seems like Doctors I have had before no longer part of the program


Humana Military is awful. If the patients think they have a hard time, try being a physician or healthcare provider.

Trying to get signed up after you've been with HNFS is a Nightmare!!! we called Humana Military and was told they couldn't find me. I've been with HNFS for years.

I feel bad for all the military famiies. They will DIE before they can find a provider


I agree! My husband retired from the military with over 21 years of service some years ago.

When Humana/Tricare redefined their regions as of January 2018, we started having serious claim problems on health matters that are clearly covered and nothing new. The provider and myself have received no help at all from Humana/Tricare. They act as if they have no idea what we are talking about and that they have never been contacted.

Between the provider and myself, we have contacted them over 19 times via phone, email and fax always providing them with the documentation requested. Nothing has been resolved.


I agree, Healthnet Federal Services for sure for Tricare East (formerly North for me)! The costs have TRIPLED going to Humana, for less coverage! WHY?????


We have over $10,000 in claims we cannot get reimbursed on. Humana Military had to have bribed someone to get this contract.

They are incompetent beyond redemption. There is no way this contractor can be meeting the Service Level Agreement in the contract. It takes them 6 weeks to respond to emails. I have several attempts at communicating with them on their own customer portal via their email system and the responses are typically 42 days or more.

This is a terrible situation and this contract should be terminated.

It worked before, not well, but it worked. Humana Military does not.


As my secondary insurance, Humana is not being accepted and I am having to find other providers. This is not right!!!




I totally agree. What a joke!!!


Humana is pure garbage. Customer “service” informed me that she could do the same thing as any supervisor... closest provider is now an hour away.


I agree. It is very difficult using Tricare Prime now.

The government went with the lower contract...

it is so bad. They got what they are willing to pay for and now the service members and families have to suffer.


Humana evidently set the default in their patient administration system to Other Health Insurance to save workers time. They underbid HealthNet and to make a profit they hire barely competent and trained people.

I have had claims refused three times now because of OHI I don't have.

And when I call to try and get things changed, they give me the run around. And there's no way to contact higher management or internal review about this.

to Michael Snyder #1564797

We are having the same problem except we do have OHI but Humana will not accept the EOBs provided them, I have sent them on their own secure portal and they still deny having them.


I cannot comment on previous, but current provider is very poorly organized. We have updated the addresses three times and referrals kept coming to an old PO Box that we had after returning to US.

Finally had someone explain "oh, you updated the SM mailing address, the spouse and kids all need to be updated too"...Finally got a referral in the mail, but that Dr's office was not orthopedics, and had been at that phone number for over 20 years. We tracked down the provider, and he does not take Tricare!!!


I am a LCSW and have worked with Active Duty and Veterans for years in three different states. When Humana took over from Value Options on 1/1/2018 we were all forced to sign a contract stating that we would take a 35% cut in our reimbursement rate while increasing retirees co-pays from $12.00 a session to $20.00 a session.

This cut is huge for a small private practitioner and can equal to over a $1,000.00 a month which we need to make up by taking insurance plans that pay more such as Medicare. Many LCSW's are discontinuing their contracts with Tricare/Humana due to this problem. And that leads to a discontinuity of care. Many cannot pay out of pocket for the same therapist that is no longer in-network with Tricare.

I am devoted to working with the military but if they continue to slash our reimbursement rates for their own profit I might have to quit. Very sad.

I am working with families who are transitioning from AD to retired and they have to stop services because they cannot pay the full co-pay on their new lower monthly salary. And each time I speak to a representative they say "Thank you for serving our men and women in the military." I want to say to them it would be nice if they did the same!!

to Concernedprovider1999 #1589867

I too have had problems with Tricare Military East since Humana took over. It has been 10 months and multiple phone calls and e mails for months and still cannot get connected to filing claims.

To file paper claims they do not send EOBs and you never know who is being paid.

Discussed this with other providers and had similar complaints. I have been billing for 25 Years and I have never seen anything like this...


Contact your representatives. Demand an investigation into how Tricare has been allowed to increase costs based off of S.2943, Title VII, Subtitle A, Section 701.

This is what Tricare is using as justification for the price gouging of it's beneficiaries. Yet the text of this section says nothing about being allowed to increase costs like this. I have a hard time believing that any politician who wished to be reelected would've endorsed this bill knowing that Tricare would do this to us.

Tricare is now as expensive as a lot of HMOs and that's just ridiculous and NOT a part of what we were promised and believed in good faith when we either stayed in the military or supported our spouse when they stayed. The difference b/w Tricare and many other HMOs is that our elected representatives get to hem Tricare in and make them behave...but only when we let our reps know what's going on and demand an investigation and action!

to Anonymous #1467390

You do realize Tricare doesn’t make the copays, right? Those were raised by the government. Not Humana nor Tricare.

to Anonymous #1494082

I plan to contact my state representatives asap. As a 100% disabled veteran of 20 yrs service, I always paid 12.00 copay and never had to pay for any type of imaging.

I received a bill for over $300.00 for a CT scan. This is ridiculous and I can't afford this. What has happened to our health care? I will never see another civilian physician for anything.

I will only go to military providers using my Tricare prime. I am also posting this info on Facebook to make other veterans aware of this.

to Sheenafergu5 #1610616

Humana is screwing over Tricare Prime users too.

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