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Tricare South was smooth as butter. Tricare East is painful.

They are my secondary and the service is sad. I have been trying to get claims paid since January.

Each month I resubmit them, I am assured they are going to be processed. When I follow up "oops, they were kicked out, we will resubmit" I spend another hour on the phone getting them resubmitted only to go through the same cycle again in 30 days.

Since they can't seem to pay as a secondary I thought I would just quit my primary but I see the pain others are having with them as a primary and I am having 2nd thoughts now.

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Michael Tricare is usually secondary insurance. Including prime. only medicare is primary to don't get to choose that.


Do yourself a favor and stay away from TRICARE as much as you can. Maybe going to select as your primary with a private gap policy (similar to medicare gap insurance) would be better but don't use TRICARE prime as you primary if you can at all help it.

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