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Tricare South was smooth as butter. Tricare East is painful.

They are my secondary and the service is sad. I have been trying to get claims paid since January.

Each month I resubmit them, I am assured they are going to be processed. When I follow up "oops, they were kicked out, we will resubmit" I spend another hour on the phone getting them resubmitted only to go through the same cycle again in 30 days.

Since they can't seem to pay as a secondary I thought I would just quit my primary but I see the pain others are having with them as a primary and I am having 2nd thoughts now.

Product or Service Mentioned: Tricare Claim.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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Humana is absolutely the worst. so much better under Health Net.

Humana Military Tricare sends me a letter telling me their records indicate I have other health insurance that should pay first, and they listed the other health insurance as Tricare Prime. After hours on the phone, they tell me it was their mistake, it is fixed and I will not get another letter. Two weeks later I get another letter saying the same thing.

And when I call back, I get attitude from the representatives, and when I asked to speak to a supervisor, more attitude and a window of 24-48 hours to get a call from a supervisor. Guess you can be the lowest bidder if you don't provide any customer care as the customer care provider.


Sadly we have found that since Humana took over the contract, they play many of these reindeer games:"Your doctor's office left off a modifier code, so it was denied. Ask them to correct it and then resubmit" (your doctor's office has submitted claim more than THREE times, each time following the different guidance Humana gave them) still being denied.It's really bad.


Michael Tricare is usually secondary insurance. Including prime. only medicare is primary to don't get to choose that.


Do yourself a favor and stay away from TRICARE as much as you can. Maybe going to select as your primary with a private gap policy (similar to medicare gap insurance) would be better but don't use TRICARE prime as you primary if you can at all help it.

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