My doctor left to start her own practice when I was 5 months pregnant. Her new facility wasn't covered by Tricare so I tried to schedule with another doctor, as a current patient, at the practice I was already at.

They dropped me as a patient because suddenly they weren't covered by Tricare anymore. I was also paying bills that were suppose to be covered. I am now 8 months pregnant and all of the referrals that United Healthcare sends me are either not covered or not taking Tricare because apparently everyone is having issues with claims (getting paid). I finally found a doctor but am paying fees all overagain and can not find a pharmacy that will cover my prescription.

I'm to a point where I will be delivering without prenatal care. So exhausted and frustrated!

Monetary Loss: $465.

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Naples, Florida, United States #641706

Fort Bliss is in El Paso, There is no reason you can not get medical care on the post if you are a Tricare military dependent.

Naples, Florida, United States #641704

Is there not a military base close by you? You can get your care there for free with your husband's name, rank and social.


I wouldn't worry about pre-natal care. Just do a good job, rely on your mother for guidance, and use common sense.

When it is time to deliver, just go to a hospital and give them you Tricare card, etc.

Tricare has now become as bad a medicaid in paying physicians, etc and they all try not to take it or refuse outright.

I could tell you some real horror stories about Tricare.

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