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At this moment I am sitting in the parkinglot of an emergency room waiting for my ex wife (whois currwnt active duty) to get approval from tricare to take my infant son in to see a doctor due to a fever of 101.5. Update: tricare said they would not cover him for a fever and i would have to get a referral from his PCM who is 1.5 hours away.

Tricare treats military members and veterans (like me) like dogshit. They are corrupt and micromanange every aspect of your healthcare.

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You can not give aspirine to an infant idiot!

Monument, Colorado, United States #1340412

Tricare has gone down hill and quite quickly since United Healthcare has taken over.

They don't care how they treat service members or veterans.

The only way to fix this is that everyone who has had to deal with this corrupt organization needs to write their Representatives. Only Congress can fix the Tricare mess.

Columbia, South Carolina, United States #1336609

Call the PCM and ask him what to do. He is the one TriCare relies on to make the referrals.

They have procedures and must follow them, don't ya know? Aspirin reduces a fever. Higher than normal fevers in a child are not necessarily that bad.

Make sure you drink alot of water with the aspirin. As an aside, yes I know all about TriCare----it is a joke and you can thank your caring government for that system.

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